Get Ready for Gen Con...


If you want to hang out with some of our favorite creators and play some games, join us at the Worldbuilders party this August 18th and raise a little money for charity!

Our Worldbuilders Party at ECCC was so much fun, and we got such good feedback from the folks who joined us, that we're doing it again at Gen Con! Friday afternoon, August 18th, get ready to play some of our favorite games with some of our favorite creators. On top of brilliant games, there will also be ALL THE CONVERSATION. At ECCC, we actually got kicked out of the venue because creators and supporters alike were just having too much fun chatting to leave.

We have authors, game designers, and industry folks lined up to lead y'all through games you might not normally associate with them (Max Temkin is on board for Love Letter, not Cards Against Humanity). The full guest list is available at the official Worldbuilders Party site. Swag bags will be given out. Laughs will be shared. It's also an excuse for us to meet all of you in the wild! Events like this help us to continue raising money throughout the year instead of just during our normal fundraisers, and it's a little something different we hope you'll enjoy. While tickets aren't yet on sale, please do head over to the event list to see the details, add it to your wish list, and start planning your Gen Con experience!